Powerful Reasons To Worship The Lord in Sign  (Video 1)

Why Worship In Sign Language Is Powerful (VIDEO 1 OF 3)

Hi Friends!

Today is the last day for you to register for the new Song to Signs Workshop, which is designed to help new signers gain confidence! In the class I share a  step by step  process to make it easy for you to translate and learn new sign language songs.

To launch the class, I’ve got a series of brand-new video shorts.

In this first video I share with you why sign language worship is so powerful, and what motivated me to learn. I'll also share a common roadblock and ways to overcome it.

In video 2 I’ll share my thoughts about how to choose ASL or PSE when you're signing worship.

And lastly I’ll share about kids worship and teach you the 10 signs you need to know.

I'll send the second and third video over shortly, but here's access to the first video so you can get started! 🙂

For those who are new here, I’m Sara Lueddeke and I’m the founder of Worship In Sign and creator of the new Song to Signs E-Course. I live in New Jersey with my husband, and 3 step children. And ever since 2010 I’ve been worshipping in sign language.

Both of my parents are deaf and I also have 4 aunts and uncles who were deaf. So needless to say I have a passion for the deaf and for sign language.

In 2015 I began uploading worship songs in sign to inspire and equip others in this call that the Lord put on my heart. A call to make praise and worship accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.

Along this journey I've experienced challenges with pushing through self doubt and fear, being unsure about how to translate worship songs (as compared to interpreting conversations) and deciding how to teach young people. In short, I know all too well the journey of taking a song that the Holy Spirit moves powerfully through and doing the work of trying to communicate it in sign.

Since 2014 , I have been teaching and learning about sign language worship. I have created 20+ worship videos, free online courses and received hundreds of comments from people who were touched by the Lord and encouraged by this labor of love.

I hope these short videos encourage and inspire you to continue in your journey of worshipping Him in sign! 🙂

Aww...just missed it! Registration is closed!

Grab your access to the Song to Signs Workshop before it closes today and get access to 4 Facebook Live - "Ask me anything" sessions!

  • The Song to Signs E-Course is a pre-recorded series with over 4 hours of instruction on how to tackle translating a song as a new signer. You'll learn a 5 step process that will enable you to confidently take a song that inspires you, and translate it into a sign language song.
  • Quickly create Sign Language Collections for your songs. After deciding on your signs, you'l learn how to create your own personal "sign language song library"
  • Best of all I'll walk you thorough using this process on 3 songs, and you'll learn 100+ signs along the way.
  • During the live Facebook Live sessions you'll get help with translating songs , and join in fellowship with others who have felt called and inspired to worship the Lord in sign language!
  • Get two "done for you" sign language plans for two songs you'd love to sign right away. I'll do the translating for you and you'll get a Song to Signs plan to use. BONUS: You'll also get a copy of the plans I do for your fellow students!
  • Start 2018 ready to move forward in your sign language goals!
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