Should you be signing ASL or PSE during worship?   (Video 2)

Choosing ASL or PSE To Sign Worship (VIDEO 2 OF 3)


In video two I’ll share my thoughts about how to choose ASL or PSE when you're signing worship.

It can be a complicated to decide how to translate a song. Opinions vary greatly depending on who you ask. Because ASL is a language that has specific rules and syntax, if you choose to sign PSE then is it really "sign language worship"?

When signing worship or any music for that matter we are tasked with communicating the lyrics or translating the song into ASL. But, we are also striving to coordinate our signs with music, inviting the viewer into the rhythm and corporate experience of worship.

In this quick video I'll share some of my thoughts and experiences about this question. I hope it's helpful to you as you create your own perspectives about worship in sign.


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